ADC Diaspora EXPO - Africa
21 Apr 08:00 AM to 28 Apr 12:00 PM
Welcome to the ADC-NSA 2023 Culture & Business Delegation for those of African Descent. We are very excited to share with you the planned activities, business opportunities, and culture that ADC has curated for business and cultural exchange of East Africa and the African Diaspora. We have organized a powerful team on ground to execute this 7-Day global event having resources on ground in 36 African Countries.

Through the ADC Diaspora Expo - AFRICA Festival organized by ADC Diaspora Expo - AFRICA Media team we have an opportunity to explore the deep connection to the continent of our African family and the cultural connectivity that fosters ease in business and knowledge sharing for Africans and it’s Diaspora. We can empower our youth in sports and business with a focus on the next generation from AI to VR.

In the time of global business, the importance of developing relationships for trade, and towards the Advancement of the AfCFTA this event will be a continuation of the work of our global network. There are 4.2 Million African Diaspora of the Untied States, 37 Million African American descendants of the formerly enslaved along with the 1.2 billion Africans on the continent.

The 1.2 Trillion dollars in spending power of the African American population, the high level of interest in doing business in East Africa and the similar climate for culture and business as some African countries, this high-level business and cultural experience is the final missing piece to uniting Africa and it’s Diaspora through business & culture!

Travel to Uganda with ADC to meet 100+ African officials, 1000+ business owners, and 10,000+ stakeholders and tap into that market by joining the ADC Diaspora EXPO Africa Business & Culture Delegation to Kampala, Uganda in 2024!
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