Just to clarify, I am afab, but I am Afrigendered, meaning I am a woman most of the time, but function as a man for some spiritual practices. I am, for instance, king of an ile of African spirituality adherents of varying backgrounds, in Israel. So I utterly reject the colonial gender boxes that assign femaleness or womanhood to weakness, vulnerability, or somehow lower rank. At the same time, I embrace the more practical and functional African gender roles because they make more sense and are not meant to make it easier to remove agency from, and sort slaves.
This out of the way, yes my politics swing left, but again, this is an Afrocentric left that rejects authoritarianism and embraces optional collectivism. The state should support collective economics, not enforce them in a way that the state and state officials end up de facto feudal. No slavery, and no serfdom either.
So I'm not going to fit neatly into any boxes. If you can handle this, then follow me.
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